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Subject: [SIPForum-discussion] SIP T.38


Hi every one in the forum.



Am trying to test a VOIP gateway which works with legacy PSTN & T.38.




My question is what will be the call flow between the GW & FAX and what
type of tool is to capture flow.

[m]could be TDM/IP. If you are using fax device which connects to FXS
port then GW to FAX is on TDM call flow. The GW should support for T.38
and for IP-to-Tel routing. You can refer the GW diagnostic tools for

2.Type of UA to support FOIP.

[m]UA should support T.38

3.Can any one suggest test bed setup to test the GW.

[m] If you have FXS ports available in GW then you can connect the fax
device to GW and test.


If possible can any provide the links related to protocol flows btw GW &

[m] to my knowledge the call flow is similar to fax call flow on TDM.
You can search for ITU-T standard for T.38 you will get better


Thanks in Advance.




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