[SIPForum-discussion] Video Phones not acknowledging SIP 200 OK Messages

segun ogunjimi segelo at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 22 16:52:13 UTC 2011


I have 2 different types of SIP Video Phones (Mobotix T24 and 2N Helios IP
Video Phones) which are registered to a PBX (Splicecom Maximizer 5100). They
both register fine. But however, when you make a call from these phone to
any other extensions within the PBX, the other extension ring, but hangs up
immediately when you pickup. On the other hand, call made from other
extensions to the Video phones complete ok. From the logfiles from the PBX,
it seems the video phones are sending a disconnect message once the other
extensions send out an SIP 200 OK message that the call was picked up. Any

PS. The same outcome is seen even when the Phones are programmed to make an
audio call instead of a video call.

segelo at yahoo.co.uk

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