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Amit Ranjan Sahu amitranjansahu at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 14:53:26 UTC 2011

Hi Vijay ,

Yes you can send multiple SIP INFO without receiving 200 OK for the first
Please refer section  4.4.  Order of Delivery of RFC 6086 .

But as per your requirement please cross check if this sending of multiple
INFO will create a problem due to order mismanagement . As i understand this
is some what related to IVR / IN implementation on IP side.


Amit Ranjan Sahu

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 6:15 AM, vijay baskar <vijaybaskar.sm at gmail.com>
> Hi Forum,
> A question on the SIP INFO method.
> Is it possible to send multiple SIP INFO at the same time, without waiting
> for the 200 OK response for the previous SIP INFO.
> Requirement is if there is multiple dtmf digits received at the same time
> from the PSTN, then the MGC has to send all the dtmf digits at the same
> to the IP side using SIP INFO, instead of sending 1 SIP INFO and waiting
> the 200OK for this, and then continue with the 2nd SIP INFO.
> Thanks in advance.
> BRs
> Vijay
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