[SIPForum-discussion] Session -Timer: refresher parameter missing in incoming request

Krishna Moorthy Krishna_Moorthy at net.com
Mon Jul 18 16:07:22 UTC 2011

Hi all,

  What if in the incoming request, the UAC does not add the "refresher" parameter ( request has Min-SE and Session -expires) ? How should the UAS behave at this point for session refresh ?

1)      In such a case, would it be more appropriate if  the UAS owns the responsibility of refreshing the session ?  so in the 200 OK, the UAS should add the "refresher=uas"

2)      Or should the UAS assume that the UAC should be the refresher ? and add "refresher = uac" in 200 OK ?

I want to go with point 1, the fundamental design should be such that If the UAC wishes to be the refresher, then it has to come through a signaling change, if the refresher parameter is missing but has the Min-SE and the session -expires headers, then its safe for the UAS to assume that
The UAC supports Session timers but does not want to be the refresher itself, so the UAS would be the refresher.  This behavior would solve compatibility issues and interoperability issues.

I would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

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