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Hi Yusof,

The Access layer of IMS contains *NACF* (Network Access Configuration
Function) which is nothing but enhanced *DHCP*. IP telephones and all other
User Access Equipment (UAE) get their  IP addresses from NACF.

Pre-Registration activity of the User agents consists of getting the IP
address(If not statically configured). This is done using DHCP discover
message. When a user powers on the UAE, device will broadcast DHCP discover

In the most of  the cases that broadcast message will not go directly to the
IMS core. Some relay-agent  (probably default gateway or DSLAM) will hear
the DHCP Discover message and it will pass  through as unicast to the
NACF.Additionally, Relay agent will insert DHCP option 82 and in  that case
IMS core will know exact location of UAE.

The option 82 contains circuit specific information into a request that is
being forwarded  to a DHCP server.the option works by setting two
sub-options: Circuit ID and Remote ID.

The* Circuit ID* sub-option is supposed to include information specific to
which circuit the  request came in on. It's an identifier that is specific
to the relay agent.

The *Remote ID* sub-option carries information relating to the remote host
at the end of the  circuit. In practice, this sub-option contains
information that identifies the relay agent.  In the case of an Ethernet
network, this is the MAC address of the relay agent.
Rohan Almeida
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>  Folks,
> Can u explain what is dhcp option 82 in IMS?
> Rgds,
> Ridhuan
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