[SIPForum-discussion] Privacy and B2BUA Within Trust Zones

Romaniuk, Maurice (Mo) romani at avaya.com
Tue Jun 29 15:22:50 UTC 2010

If a server within a trust zone sends "P_Asserted_ID" and "Privacy: id" to a B2BUA within that trust zone, does anyone know the correct procedure for the B2BUA when passing Privacy as a new request to another trusted member within the zone (or even back to the same originating server as part of third party call control)? Should the B2BUA still strip out the user information in the new request before passing it on to the trusted member (as if it is following RFC3325 and assuming that the server it is passing the requst to is always non-trusted), or should it just proxy the exact same PAI and Privacy headers it received and send it to the trusted server (since it is still within the trusted zone) and expect the new server to handle Privacy?



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