[SIPForum-discussion] Open Source Media Servers for RTPStreaming, Voicemail and ACD features

PALANIVEL S palanivel.s at servion.com
Sat Jun 26 04:34:08 UTC 2010

Adding one more information, Mobicents supports anther standard
interface JSR 309( Java Media Server Control API) which specifically
deals with media server to supports the functionality like conferencing,
IVR operations, Call bridging etc.





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As I recall, Mobicents does not have any standard protocol interface,
other than JSR289.


I think Dialogic lets you use their media server for free for
non-commercial use. Likewise for Voxeo.


On Jun 23, 2010, at 12:15 PM, Harry West wrote:

Good Afternoon,


I hope you are well.


Can anyone suggest an open source Media Server for RTP streaming,
voicemail, ACD, IVR type functionality? I've investigated a suite that
includes the Mobicents JSLEE AS and Mobicents Media Server but haven't
found the answers that I'm looking for.


Can this Mobicents suite support for this type of functionality?


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards,







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