[SIPForum-discussion] In which scenario Proxy will generate CANCEL ?

Chittaranjan Panda cpanda at transcomus.com
Thu Jun 17 20:23:14 UTC 2010


Does your proxy set timer for provisional response?

If  yes , the proxy will send Cancel after timer expire and responded back 200 OK. Then initial INVITE transaction will be terminated by 487 back from UAS.


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Hi All
 I came across a scenario to test CANCEL which should be generated by Proxy.
 In the following scenarios, which scenario is valid?
 1 UAC sends INVITE to Proxy, proxy forwards the request to UAS.
 Now UAS responds with 180 ringing only  but no final response , so in this case Proxy sends CANCEL to UAS  or which response ?
 Now the proxy sends 408 or 480 to UAC ?
 Or in the above scenario is valid only for Forking scenario only, where Proxy tries to multiple locations?
I am confused about the functionality.
 Pl give your valuable suggestions.

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