[SIPForum-discussion] Need clarity over Dialog and session in sip.

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Read section 15 Terminating a Session from RFC 3261. The below passage
is from section 15 which explains what a session and dialog is. 
When a session is initiated with an INVITE, each 1xx or 2xx response
from a distinct UAS creates a dialog, and if that response completes the
offer/answer exchange, it also creates a session. As a result, each
session is "associated" with a single dialog - the one which resulted in
its creation.

It is true that dialog is established and terminated by INVITE  and BYE
respectively, im not sure about the session.
A session can be identified by session version in the SDP.


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Hi all,
  Can anyone kindly clarify what's session and dialog?
  Did try refering rfc, but that defination was'nt able to digest.

  Have read,
   session is something to do with media, while dialog is to do with
  Is it true both session and dialog gets established by INVITE and
terminate with BYE?
  , in that case what makes unique between each?
 ,Also have read dialog is identified by callid , tag.
   then how is session is identified?

 Need your help or links for understanding,



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