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Rosen, Brian Brian.Rosen at neustar.biz
Tue Jun 1 19:38:35 UTC 2010

What are you registering to and why are you doing that?  if your UAC is a voicemail system, then it would probably register, but a device that lights the lamp, if that is all it does, wouldn't register.

You then say it can SUBSCRIBE. Who is "it"?  The phone (not the server) should be subscribing to your device.

Then you say the NOTIFY times out.  Who is timing out?  Your device (which should be sending the NOTIFY) or the phone (which should be receiving it)?

I'll repeat in different words what I said the last time.

The phone, the device with a lamp, subscribes to a system that manages the light (a voicemail system for example).  The system sends a NOTIFY to the device to light the lamp.  That is all there is for the lamp: Subscribe by the phone to the VM, notify by the VM to the phone to change lamp status.  To get a call to divert to the VM system takes more work (and usually registration), but lighting the light takes a SUB/NOT.

The phone has to be configured to know who to subscribe to.  Perhaps that is part of your problem.


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Mitel 3300 UAS

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