[SIPForum-discussion] How to connect an open IMS core and AS

Murali Vuppandla mvuppand at cisco.com
Wed Jan 27 14:54:54 UTC 2010


Thanks for your quick reply. 


I’ve gone through it. I couldn’t understand few steps mentioned in that. Just wanted to know if any other method is there to do it.


Here, Application server refers to the soft switch which performs all the call processing activities. We are just trying to support AS features. 


Pls. let me know if any other alternative is there.





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Answer You are looking for:

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2010/1/27 Murali Vuppandla <mvuppand at cisco.com>

Hi All,

I  installed an open IMS core and ran a basic call with IMS clients installed on two different systems. Now, I’ve to connect this IMS core to the Application Server.


Could anyone give me the detailed steps to do this ?? 





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