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Please refer RFC 3325 for the same.
Below is detail:
9.2 The P-Preferred-Identity Header
   The P-Preferred-Identity header field is used from a user agent to a
   trusted proxy to carry the identity the user sending the SIP message
   wishes to be used for the P-Asserted-Header field value that the
   trusted element will insert.
      PPreferredID = "P-Preferred-Identity" HCOLON PPreferredID-value
                        *(COMMA PPreferredID-value)
      PPreferredID-value = name-addr / addr-spec
   A P-Preferred-Identity header field value MUST consist of exactly one
   name-addr or addr-spec.  There may be one or two P-Preferred-Identity
   values.  If there is one value, it MUST be a sip, sips, or tel URI.
   If there are two values, one value MUST be a sip or sips URI and the
   other MUST be a tel URI.  It is worth noting that proxies can (and
   will) remove this header field.
Sunil Verma




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Hi All,

Can anybody  explain me use of P-preferred identity  header with

Thanks in Advance. Any help  would  be  vital.

With regards,
-S S Rout

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