[SIPForum-discussion] Registration Error 408-Request Timeout

Tomasz Zieleniewski tzieleniewski at gmail.com
Tue May 26 09:01:44 UTC 2009

Hi Ali,

Registration Error 408-Request Timeout means that there was no answer to
REGISTER message on the SIP level.
ICMP error implies transport issue which says that the SIP port to which
X-lite tries to send SIP request is unreachable.
In other words if there is no firewall in Your LAN I would suggest that SER
is not listening in the proper address or port
for which You configured X-Lite.
Try to use nmap to check which porst are visible and accessible from other
machines on Your LAN.
Check the console output when You start SER is should print interfaces and
IP address in which it listens.

Kind regards,
Tomasz Zieleniewski

2009/5/21 Shahbaz Ali <shazzi67422 at yahoo.com>

> Hi all:
> I am using the CentOS. i Installed SER with mysql support. I registered the
> X-lite with default username "admin" and Password "heslo". but i found the
> error the "Registration Error 408-Request Timeout".
> The Wireshark response is:"ICMP Destination unreachable(port unreachable)"
> although both system are pinging each other.
> I used the local LAN not the DNS.
> Anyone plz help me.
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