[SIPForum-discussion] From URI unknown and Empty

Zuñiga, Guillermo Guillermo.Zuniga at cwpanama.com
Thu Jun 11 18:34:39 UTC 2009

HI Fellows, 


I have the following issue with some calls that I have from SIP Carrier to the PSTN Switch.


The call are been dropped by the Switch PSTN, cuse when my Softswich map the INVITE info toward the SS7 IAM

The Calling Address Information is empty, cause the INVITE haven't FROM URI information or is Unknown.

I have a ACME Packet SBC and I make some field the value from with a value that I want, a make this configuration and 

the calls are completed fine.

The other case is when the calls haven't information in the FROM URI, I would like is someone can help me with seeting a 

Regular expression  when this FROM URI is empty.


Case 1:

From: "nap-gw1"<sip:unknown at>;

For this case I set this in my ACME SBC and It is working.


                        name                           UserUnknown

                        parameter-name                 From

                        type                           uri-user

                        action                         replace

                        match-val-type                 any

                        comparison-type                case-sensitive

                        match-value                    unknown

                        new-value                      1111



Case 2:

I would like to know if someone has had a case like this(when the FROM URI is Empty) and can help me, I appreciate a lot.


From: <sip:>; 







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