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There will be only one Contact in a 2xx final response. As there can be only one target for the Dialog.
Even with Forking the Forking proxy will return only the best (only one) final response.
The case of redirection as this is a non-2xx final response and the UAS may then send new Requests to the Contacts in the 3xx message.

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Hi Abishek,

I have one doubt if there is no concept of  multiple contact in SIP then how come this forking concept will be there?
Also there is possibility of multiple contact in responses sent by redirection server.

Prakash k

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Contact should be only one according to RFC3261.
BTW what might be the use of more than one ? 
Moreover sip dialogs are peer to peer relationships.


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In sip is their any mechanism to provide multiple contact information.

Also if UAS wants to keep only first contact then what message will it
shoot to UAC.

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