[SIPForum-discussion] Clarification regarding the presence of angle brackets for SIP URI in From/To/Contact Header

Tomasz Zieleniewski tzieleniewski at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 08:23:06 UTC 2009


If SIP URI contains a comma or semicolon (so when it contains some
parameters) then
the "name-addr" form of the Header must be used. The "name-addr" form is the
one which
contains "<,>" characters.
So in other words the RAQUOT (">") and LAQUOT ("<") from RFC3261
are needed in order to distinguish the SIP URI parameters from header

Kind regards,
- Tomasz Zieleniewski

2009/6/6 Keerthi <keerthivarmansrinivasan at gmail.com>

> Hi All,
> I need a clarification regarding the presence of angle brackets for SIP URI
> in From/To/Contact
> headers.
> The RFC 3261 says,
> When the header field value contains a display name, the URI including all
> URI parameters
> is enclosed in "<" and ">". If no "<" and ">" are present, all parameters
> after the URI are
> header parameters, not URI parameters. The display name can be tokens, or a
> quoted string,
> if a larger character set is desired.
> >From this i understood that, if 'display-name' is not present then,
> SIP URI will not have "<,>" in From/To/Contact headers.
> But the example given below confuses me, even there is no display name it
> has "<,>",
> with header parameter.
> Examples in RFC 3261,
> m: <sips:bob at <sips%3Abob at>>;expires=60
> Please explin me, when the SIP URI will have "<,>".
> Thanks in advance!!!
> --
> Regards,
> Keerthi.
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