[SIPForum-discussion] SIP Peering/interconnection Models & ManageSIP service.

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Managed SIP Services and Managed SIP trunking could mean different
things by different vendors.  Here's Cisco's take:


What is a managed Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking service? 


With a managed SIP trunking service, a service provider extends a
converged voice and data circuit to the customer premises and using SIP
signaling to interconnect with the customer's onsite IP PBX. The service
can offer managed dial plans (comprising of local, long-distance, and
inter-office on-net dialing), QoS SLAs, and advanced SIP-based services
such as mobility and presence. 


The above is just one example of how a customer could have a PBX on
their premise.  In the example only some of the "cloud - based" SIP
features would be used as they have an onsite PBX.  Another cloud based
(mgd. trunking/mgd.services) example could be a straight IP Centrex type
offering in which all or most of the features are contained in a service
providers network and pushed to the end user based upon login
permissions.  From there a UA could have some input and toggle features
on or off depending on level of authority.  


As far as SIP peering... I'm seeing smaller independent phone companies
hooking up to a major carrier via SIP trunks for cheaper long haul
connections as opposed to the traditional TDM access means to IXC's or
LD carriers.  These independents are literally in the rural areas of the


Depending on your needs for peering,, vendors and manufacturers have a
good source of technical information and white papers usually on their
websites.   Hope this helps. 



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Hi All
          Currently i'm working on SIP peering or interconnection. If
anybody know useful resources or links, plz guide me if anybody already
worked on the same.
Secondly Can anybody tell me definition for "Managed SIP services or
Managed SIP trunking".

Thanks & regards

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