[SIPForum-discussion] [SIP Forum Discussion] INVITE request followed by CANCEL

Ashutosh Panda ashubdk at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 11:45:38 UTC 2009

Hello Everybody,
I have doubts in following two issues. Hope I can find my answer through
this forum. Thanks in advance.

Question 1.
Forking is supported.
Originator calls recipient which is registered at many places.
Server attempts the calls at all the registered places of recipient but it
receives No Answer/Busy from all places.
Now, will the server send 486 Busy or 603 Decline response to the originator
of the call?

Question 2:
Originator calls recipient.
Recipient does not answer the call (though recipient sends 180 Ringing)
When timeout occurs, will the server send any error response (or CANCEL
request) to the callee and called parties or the callee will initiate call
termination process.

Ashutosh Panda
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