[SIPForum-discussion] Multi-recipients in SIP

Tomasz Zieleniewski tzieleniewski at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 12:44:13 UTC 2009


UAC doesn't it self has the ability to point more then one
recipient of the request. So in the strict sense of multicasting SIP is limited.
As Jonathan Rosenberg once said, the transaction state machine
didn't work particularly well for multicast and the demand was not
there. So the capability was significantly reduced in 3261.

There is a possibility to utilize another feature of SIP in which SIP URI
can represent not only the user it self but also a service.
Like in the case of registration in which you don't point a particular
SIP registrar but instead a service which is supposed to available under
this SIP URI.

The same can be applied to other requests. The SIP URI address would represent
a multi recipients destination. The request would finally reach a SIP server
hosting the SIP multicasting service which would distribute the request to all

Kind regards
- Tomasz Zieleniewski

2009/4/9 Mahammed F Eessa <mohammadfaiz2003 at yahoo.com>:
> Hi All,
> How can I send a SIP request to multi recipients instead of one only?
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