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If you are using IPv4, (here is what 3261 says..)

 A client that sends a request to a multicast address MUST add the
   "maddr" parameter to its Via header field value containing the
   destination multicast address, and for IPv4, SHOULD add the "ttl"
   parameter with a value of 1.

   These rules result in a purposeful limitation of multicast in SIP.
   Its primary function is to provide a "single-hop-discovery-like"
   service, delivering a request to a group of homogeneous servers,
   where it is only required to process the response from any one of
   them.  This functionality is most useful for registrations.

   Before a request is sent, the client transport MUST insert a value of
   the "sent-by" field into the Via header field.  This field contains
   an IP address or host name, and port.  The usage of an FQDN is
   RECOMMENDED.  This field is used for sending responses under certain
   conditions, described below.  If the port is absent, the default
   value depends on the transport.  It is 5060 for UDP, TCP and SCTP,
   5061 for TLS.

Hope it helps


On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 11:24 PM, Mahammed F Eessa <
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>   Hi All,
> How can I send a SIP request to multi recipients instead of one only?
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