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HI Vivek,
I saw your comment stating that, we need to register an UA to recv calls, but for making OG calls its not really required..
I tried making an OG call from Eyebeam without registering and I couldnt, it said call cannot be approved..
 Have I misunderstood your point/ I am I missing something. PLease explain.
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Comments inline in BLUE.
Best Regards,
Vivek Batra

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Hi everyonel ...!!!
Can anyone clear my doubts regarding the tight coupling in between register process and sip stack :
Query 1: Do it really require that every User need to register themself before calling to anyone? 
                Not really required. You only need to register yourself for recieving calls. You can make OG calls normally. 

 As what i know, that we can send invite directly to other user (if  that user's machine is available in same peer means no server/firewall in between i.e. using machine ipaddress in form of sip uri ex sip: ). Please let me know. 
You can even send INVITE to other user/peer when any server/firewall sits in between your device and other remote user device.
Related Query2: is it require that before sending invite sip stack need to check the status that whether user already send register or not? 
            Upto the implementation, however Registrar must have the location where to send the INVITE. REGISTER is only one of the mechanism to update the location address.
Related Query 3: Is it possible that suppose user send register request to registrar server, and before recieving the register's response (2xx say), It recieve Invite from near by user (machine). Cause sip stack is already in listening mode. 
And if it is possible than how the sip stack react? 
If registrar has your current location, INVITE can be placed to you. 
I know that the things are basic, but itz little bit confusing to me, so do me the needful in this regard.......
Thanx in anticipation ...

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