[SIPForum-discussion] Regarding sequence of 1XX response

fråmedrëlay framedrelay at yahoo.com
Mon May 26 11:16:03 UTC 2008

Hi Dude,

this seems like an incall., anyways, lets assume that the media is played from other side: & it should play only after we send 200 OK for prack.
183 is kind of "hello tunes", when we get 183+SDP - so when 200ok prack comes it gets played.. 
if its not clear , please let me know.

& 183 followed by 180 ringing, thats all Ok. No such rule.

-Bangalore, IND

"Roy, Nishant Kishore" <nishantkr at hp.com> wrote: Hi all,

I have one call flow like ...

 A               B
 <--some announcement will be played here ----->
<------200 ok for PRACK---
<-----180 ringing -----

Mu doubt comes over here can a party B send a 183 before 180 ..... I mean the 1xx response has to maintain in some sequence ?


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