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Regarding email below, which SIP timer are you refering to?

Does anyone know which timer would be used in case of having an Acme
SBC (B2BUA) in the midle?

Thanks in advanced for your help,

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call on hold is a CA feature, anyways, we have session expires
parameter in SIP which decides the expiry time. If we do not get any
response within that persiod, SIP normally drop that calls.
So when we put a call on hold, we send an Invite with HOLD, I think
that has SIP expiry time. Check -
If need more help, please send me the Ethereal.

Bangalore, IND

Shakthi <shakthi_msc at yahoo.com> wrote:
Is there any time at which the call hold expires?


What is the maximum time value for call hold?

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