[SIPForum-discussion] VoIP Testing & Monitoring Vendors

Borchers, Christopher Christopher.Borchers at intrado.com
Fri May 23 17:09:30 UTC 2008

Hi All,

     I require assistants on putting together a vendor list of VoIP
Testing and Monitoring Solutions; specifically dealing with SIP, SS7 and
SIGTRAN (MGCP and M3UA transported via SCTP) protocols.  The solution
should have the ability to perform call: testing, monitoring, trending,
generation, simulation and traffic analysis.  Our current vendors
providing us with a solution is SunRise Telecom (NeTracker/MTT) and
Empirix (Hammer/XMS).  Please provide me with any other vendor solution
that you may be currently using or have heard of.  Thank you for your
time and effort towards this matter.


Christopher T. Borchers

Intrado, Inc.

IEN Technical Operations:  Sr. Systems Engineer

Desk:   (720) 864.5188

Cell:     (720) 272.0773

christopher.borchers at intrado.com


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