[SIPForum-discussion] two questions about SIP.

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I think answer to your question is that it should process it.
>From (http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-sip-hop-limit-diagnostics-01) 
   Request if sent with the Max-Forwards value set to only 1 it should
traverse only the first outbound
   proxy, and then be rejected by the next system that it encounters.
Therefore in your case it UA will continue the process but the next hop it
will respond with an to many hops error response
(483 Too Many Hops Response)
This is what I believe is the answer, correct me if I am wrong.




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Hello Folks

two questions about SIP.


1) if a terminating UA gets an Invite with Max-forwards=0, it should discard
this message or

continue to process? 

I think the UA should continue process it. What's your view?


2) how to distinguish two types of re-Invite? one type is to update session,
another type is

to being as keep alive for example "session-timer".


Xiao Xiaohong

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