[SIPForum-discussion] Regarding Trigger Point

rupandeep singh er_rupandeep at yahoo.com
Thu May 15 08:54:08 UTC 2008

 Can anyone please tell me that when we create a trigger point in which we define "line" and "content" for the SDP after that When a invite request comes, does the the entire line content in SDP body of Invite request is matched or matching is performed in parts ie.

m=audio 3458 RTP/AVP 0 96 97 98 ( m line in SDP body of invite request)

Trigger point definition:
line: m
content : audio 3458 RTP/AVP 

the above m-line in the SDP body of invite request would match or not or would i have to define the entire m-line in the trigger point ie.

Trigger point definition:
content :audio 3458 RTP/AVP 0 96 97 98

Regards Rupandeep

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