[SIPForum-discussion] TECHtionary's SIP Essentials Online Course - $99 May Special for SIP Forum Members - Save $200!

Marc Robins marc.robins at sipforum.org
Tue May 6 21:13:41 UTC 2008

Dear SIP Forum Members:
TECHtionary (www.techtionary.com) -- a SIP Forum co-sponsor -- is making
available to all SIP Forum members a special month of May discount on its
SIP Essentials online course.
This course is available as a continuous online course or as a custom onsite
training course scheduled at the customer's convenience. 
The SIP Essentials online course is regularly priced at $299. However, for
orders placed this month, the SIP Forum Member price is $99 -- that's a
savings of $200!
In addition, the course can be customized or private-labeled, and volume
discounts for 20 or more students are available at $49 each. 
To register for the course, please visit http://www.techtionary.com/sip/ and
use Promotional Code SIPF8203
For more information, please contact Thomas B. Cross - CSSP, CEO of
TECHtionary.com, directly at cross at gocross.com or call 303-594-1694.
SIP Essential Course Testimonials
"The SIP Essentials course is more than a superb primer on VoIP/SIP
technology; it is an in-depth business plan for a VoIP/SIP implementation.
In addition, the VoIP/SIP diagnostic and troubleshooting guide is the most
thorough approach to VoIP QoS available. I need information that informs but
does not overwhelm. Information that guides but not drives you away. The
courses provide insights and actionable information that has helped me get
the technology we need sooner but saved me a considerable amount in
understanding what we didn't need. The SIP course especially is a valuable
one which provides much needed information in a readily understandable
Paul Daubitz - President - ATI-TeleManagement
According to Matt Jolly, "The SIP Essentials course takes SIP/VoIP training
to a new higher level. For example, there is nothing like the tutorials SIP
available anywhere or from anyone. For the channel partner or customer, this
course provides critical insights for successful implementation and
management. The Flash-animated interface speeds learning allowing viewers to
grasp complex concepts faster than ever before. With this course, SIP/VoIP
providers can rapidly accelerate the learning process for their channel
partners which in turn accelerate revenues. Now is the time for users and
providers alike to make this course an integral part of their business
Matt Jolly - Industry Consultant

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