[SIPForum-discussion] Request URI Setting in ACK message

alexzhang at gdnt.com.cn alexzhang at gdnt.com.cn
Tue Feb 19 07:08:32 UTC 2008

Hi All,
As RFC3261 12.2, ACK message is not a target refresh request. So, my
question is the Req URI in the ACK message is set based on the Inital
Invite Request Line or the contact header of the latest Req or response
with target refresh function?
Alex Zhang
GSM/UMTS Voice Core - MSC Design
Guangdong Nortel (GDNT) R&D Center
PSTN: +86 020 89188782 / ESN: 6 554 8782
E-Mail: alexzhang at gdnt.com.cn / YahooIM: zcc_nuaa
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