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sumit jindal sumitjindal.nsit at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 07:50:03 UTC 2008

hello Rohit ,

Info is sent within a SIP dialog error code 481 suggest
dialog/transaction doesn't  exit.
As you are sending a new request, so MGCF checks it with exiting calls
and what happening is, it's not getting any dialog related to the call
id and to-from parameter you r using.

Thanks & Regards,
Sumit Jindal

On 2/17/08, rohit b <hbrohit at gmail.com> wrote:
> hello all,
> I am working on testing the SIP product MGCF ( Media Gateway Control
> Function)
> It is basically MSC which will connect mobiles to IMS network.
> I am facing some issue in testing some scnario.
> I need to send INFo mesage from SIP UA  for that I am getting 481 call
> tranasactio does not exist responce from other end.
> I checked the via header , branch paramaeter, everything is correct.
> Does any one have any idea..
> Please reply back
> regards,
> Rohit
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