[SIPForum-discussion] Partnership Opportunity

Alan Refaeli alan at rocksolidcolo.com
Thu Feb 14 21:44:06 UTC 2008

We are looking for to do business with companies in the following areas.  

My contact info is below for anyone that would like to open up a dialogue for the following items.


1.  We are seeking a company or individuals that can help us out with obtaining ip space.

2.  We are looking to acquire a voip company if anyone knows of any for sale.


We are a hosting/colocation company and may be able to help you with obtaining 

wholesale bandwidth in the United States or Europe in exchange for assistance with the above requests.




Alan Refaeli

Rock Solid Colo

alan at rocksolidcolo.com

V. 954-255-7793

C. 954-560-0230

F. 954-827-0397


AIM: RockSolidAlan

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