[SIPForum-discussion] asterisk load testing

vlrk tech_voip at yahoo.co.in
Tue Feb 12 10:14:49 UTC 2008

asterisk-mailing list should be appropriate for this.

Any way check your extensions.conf and sip.conf once again .

1) in extensions.conf are you accepting the call or not ?
2) i think you need to enable nat=yes in sip.conf to accept the calls in the private ips .


kurdekar kumar gopinath <kkurdekar at gmail.com> wrote: Hi all..
                i need one help from all of you.
 i am facing some probleam with Asterisk.
      I am doing some testing with Asterisk. 

 I already installed Asterisk into Linux machine. And asterisk is working perfectly. Even i made a call by installing a SJ phone( Soft phone). Everything is fine. But now i am trying to do load testing on Asterisk. In that i am facing lot of problems. 

 I downloaded "sipp" sip traffic generator and installed and tried to test with Asterisk. But only INVITE message is going from " sipp" but there is no response from asterisk.
 I configured "sip.conf" and "extension.conf" according to need.


 Can you suggest me what to do next so that asterisk will replay with proper messages.


 I will wait for positive replay..


 thanking you

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