[SIPForum-discussion] HELP said the hardware guy

Ray Buglione rbuglione at 1stdirect.com
Mon Feb 11 21:04:56 UTC 2008

I have begun an experiment to have a CRM product dial a headset with out lifting a hand. Since I am brand new to this 
I am trying to figure out if my assumption is correct:
Cisco phone (model 7905) +3cx(pbx server for windows) + telephony device (Vega 50x64) + CRM application (GoldMine pe) =sip headset connection
Is there anyone who gets this adn if so am I in the right direction. The company that I am with would like me to be their specialist for this 
type of technology...I would be all over it but I am the hardware guy trying to adapt to apps. Please let me know what i moght look into to gwt into this fatser.
Ray buglione

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