[SIPForum-discussion] SIP Forum SIP Interoperability Workshop on Monday at IETF 70 - is it really 11-12:30 or should it be 11:30-13:00?

Jeff Wright JWright at azteknetworks.net
Fri Nov 30 00:06:32 UTC 2007

Wow, wish I had known about this earlier.  I would have liked to attend.
Anyone know when the next SIP-IT is scheduled for?


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Speaking of IETF 70 next week in Vancouver, I was interested to see that
there will be the "First SIP Interoperability Workshop" on Monday from
11-12:30pm out at IETF 70.  On the SIP Forum web page I note it says this:
Co-located with the 70th Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Meeting
on December 3, 2007 in Vancouver, BC, the SIP Forum's SIP
Interoperability Workshop will serve as a forum to bring together
researchers, engineers, and service providers to exchange ideas, share
experiences, and propose approaches to address interoperability
problems. The SIP Forum is actively seeking participation and is making
an official call for papers.
Pointing to this PDF file that explains it: 

A question for Eric, Robert or whomever is running this - do you really
plan to do this from 11-12:30?  Unless I read the IETF agenda wrong (
https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/70/agenda.html ) the break in IETF
sessions is from 11:30-13:00.  If this session is really on at 11:00,
some of us will either have to leave other sessions early or come late
to this workshop.


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