[SIPForum-discussion] About add a new SIP header

Nittin Dutt Nittin.Dutt at csr.com
Wed Nov 28 10:07:37 UTC 2007

Any Server/Proxy would pass it on a header it does not understand.
Simply because it is hard for a SIP server to keep up with the
developments in SIP, new headers etc., so as a basic principle they pass
on what they don't understand. However if your message pass though some
SIP gateways then your proprietary header will be lost e.g., in scenario


-Nittin Dutt



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Hi everyone, 

I want a special header in SIP  message. 
1) How can add or define a new SIP header? 

When I define a header and User Agent Client (UAC) send it in a SIP
2) What is User Agent Server (UAS) or Servers behaviour? 

3)Is it understands my special header? 

4)Is it ignores this message or header? 

5)If it is this ignores header, is this header or header value erases? 

6)If this header undertands and ignores, can it go another server or



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