[SIPForum-discussion] About add a new SIP header

Esra BILGEN ebilgen at NETAS.com.tr
Wed Nov 28 06:41:36 UTC 2007

> Hi everyone, 
> I want a special header in SIP  message.
> 1) How can add or define a new SIP header?
> When I define a header and User Agent Client (UAC) send it in a SIP
> message.
> 2) What is User Agent Server (UAS) or Servers behaviour? 
> 3)Is it understands my special header?
> 4)Is it ignores this message or header?
> 5)If it is this ignores header, is this header or header value erases?
> 6)If this header undertands and ignores, can it go another server or
> UAS?
> Thanks

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