[SIPForum-discussion] SIP using NAT

Wu, Yu Fei (Mike) yufeiwu at alcatel-lucent.com
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To solve it at IP level, If your NAT translator has a fixed external IP
address then you can configure port mapping on it and use the external
IP as the server address. If not, you can try dynamic domain or sth.
This also requires the server to support configuration of external IP
(STUN or so).

To solve it at SIP level, you might wanna take a look at TURN and ICE.
If your SIP phones or servers don't support these, you will need an SBC.


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I have a SIP server behind NAT and I want extern SIP phones to use it.
Everything works fine with internal phones.

I need to know exaclty how does it works... what parameters do I have to
change in the headers and SDP content.
Does anyone have or know a good document whit this information?

Thanks in advance.


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