[SIPForum-discussion] A query regarding the session and dialog in SIP

pradeep sami spradeep_ece at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jul 13 13:58:56 UTC 2007

Hi Chandan,
     For ur query,
When u send an invite request it will create a dialog
as well as a session which contains only one dialog
created by this INVITE request. Later when u send the
subscribe request with same from & To tags as was
used in INVITE transaction then that lead to one more
dialog as part of the same session which was created
when INVITE transaction happened.

A dialog will always be part of a session not otherway


--- chandan kumar anjani <chandan.anjani at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I had a query like what is the difference b/w
> session and a dialog.
> like a session can have multiple dialog or a dialog
> can have multiple
> session.
> As i know a dialog is identified by
> CALL-ID,To_tag,From_tag
> and i a particular call all the three remains the
> same.
> And abt the session , a session is termed to be
> established when we receive
> 200OK for the INVITE.
> Regards
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