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About maddr:

Client behaviour----
A client that sends a request to a multicast address MUST add the
"maddr" parameter to its Via header field value containing the
destination multicast address, and for IPv4, SHOULD add the "ttl"
parameter with a value of 1

Proxy behaviour---
If the Request-URI has a maddr
parameter with a value the proxy is responsible for, and the request
was received using the port and transport indicated (explicitly or by
default) in the Request-URI, the proxy MUST strip the maddr and any
non-default port or transport parameter and continue processing as if
those values had not been present in the request.

lr parameter specifies:

If the route set is not empty, and the first URI in the route set
contains the lr parameter (see Section 19.1.1), the UAC MUST place
the remote target URI into the Request-URI and MUST include a Route
header field containing the route set values in order, including all

On 28 Feb 2007 07:33:23 -0000, Deepak nivas <deepaknivas at rediffmail.com>
> Hi,
> Can some explain maddr & lr  field in URI parameter. with example.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Deepak.
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