[SIPForum-discussion] Basic differences in TDM and SuccessionNetworks

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Successions networks as you refer to them (Nortel I think coined this as
their product name for their VoIP products) are networks based on IP as
their core means of transporting Voice (or other media such as video and
Instant Messages and presences information).


The TDM (Time Division Multiplex) is the world of voice switching we now
mostly inhabit.


Voice switching has followed 3 main changes in its life from the early days
of electro-mechanical switching developed by Strowger (which prevailed in a
lot of coutries right through to the 1990s), to Digital Switching in the
form of Time and Space Switches, Such products as Nortel DMS, Marconi System
X, Nokia DX220s and the like, the 3rd phase in this evolution is the Next
Generation Networks (NGN - or Succession as you refer to them). This TDM
world used signaling protocols such as SS7, Q.931, Q.SIG and the like.


What separates the current NGNs is a VoIP transport and new signaling
protocols such as SIP, Megaco/H.248, MGCP and  the like. This latter
evolution is taking place in both the fixed networks and the mobile
networks. The significance is that the voice transport is separated from the
"intelligence" or call routing functions.


If you'd like to know more about this evolution in an easily digest, check
out my book: Next Generation Network - technologies and services explains
all of this more fully.





Neill Wilkinson



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Can anybody sort out the basic diff in TDM and succession n/w or give some

Thanks and Regards
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