[SIPForum-discussion] Something about ASTRESIK

Shoieb Arshad shoieb_arshad at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 18:52:31 UTC 2007

  I am student of computer engg. and doing project on developing VOWLAN. using Ethreal i capture that network for sometime.The intersting thingi get is that, when a new client come to life it send register command to the astrisk and every time astrisk respond with a 401 unauthroized. then the client agian send this register command and this time astirsk respond with ok message and client get connected. client is X-Lite. any help me what on on there???
  do i am doing right thing to use asterisk as SIP Exchange or i have to try any other exchange?? (please reply taking in account the mobility need of the VOWLAN enivronment)
  Shoieb Arshad

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