[SIPForum-discussion] Proxy server Redundacy model.

Rajesh Kalaiselvan rajesh.kalaiselvan at digitalk.com
Mon Feb 19 11:32:30 UTC 2007



  I am just getting to know the behaviour of the Proxy server under the
network. What should be a standard configuration for a proxy server? Is
there any RFC that define the standards about the proxy server modelling
in the network?? When the proxy server A  goes down , how does the proxy
server B takes up the load and provide the service for it?? What sort of
algorithms needed to be considered??


Any node in the communication architecture should have a disaster
recovery or a back up plan. How are the proxy server configured or the
standards define about the configurations.



If we need to have a model shown below,




Rajesh Kalaiselvan.

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