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zze-DESTOR Nicolas RD-SIRP-LAN nicolas.destor at orange-ftgroup.com
Wed Feb 14 10:48:40 UTC 2007

The size is average 100Ko, not more than 500Ko. Rings files is in Wav format (mono, 16 bits, 8khz, 128kbps).
A solution? 

Nicolas DESTOR

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Hi Nicolas,

How big is the Wave ring file likely to be?


Quoting zze-DESTOR Nicolas RD-SIRP-LAN <nicolas.destor at orange-ftgroup.com>:

> Thanks for your response.
> I don't know if I could twisted your arm but It will be great if you 
> can put the Alert-info header in your softphones (I'll thanks you much 
> and I'll use your soft-phone immediately !) I went in your site, and I 
> see the manual of your softphone. I can't try it for the moment but I 
> think it work with my IMS architecture (no problem with
> device) .
> I am going to try what I whant precisely (sorry for my bad english in 
> advance).
> The softphone must support alert-info header, this significate that if 
> it receive a INVITE message with a alert-info header contains a 
> http-URL , then it have to request an http server to ask his ringing 
> and finally play the ring when the http server give the response. I 
> give a call-flow that the phone have to support in attached-file. Ubiquity is the name of a SIP server.
> Dont look at the request between the HTTP server and the database, the 
> problem is just on the communication between the Callee's phone and 
> the HTTP server. For the moment, I find just the SNOM 190 IP-phone 
> thaht support this communication.
> I'am not expert in this domain, but I hope you will anderstand my 
> explication. Don't hesitate to ask me if you whant more details.
> Thankyou for your attention;
> Best regards,
> Nicolas DESTOR
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> [SIPForum-discussion] Softphones + alert-info header
> Hi Nicolas,
> we have a windows mobile softphone, which doesn't support alert-info, 
> but we could probably put it in, if you twisted my arm. You can 
> download a free alpha trial version at:
>  www.qtechinc.com/speaq.htm
> Could you let me know why you want it?
> thanks,
> ...Jacky
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> CTO QTech Inc.
> On Feb 13, 2007, at 10:04 AM, zze-DESTOR Nicolas RD-SIRP-LAN wrote:
> 	Does-someone know a softphone which support "alert-info" header (for 
> distinctives rings) ?
> 	Thanks
> 	Nicolas D.
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