[SIPForum-discussion] Looking for a dect phone which support distinctives rings - Alert-info header

zze-DESTOR Nicolas RD-SIRP-LAN nicolas.destor at orange-ftgroup.com
Wed Feb 7 16:40:04 UTC 2007

First, I greet everybody! I'm new in this forum, I hope you can help me,
and I hope I can give my help to someone already! 
Now my question: 
I'm looking for a SIP phone which support distinctive rings whith URL.
More precisely, I would like the phone support the Alert-info header in
the INVITE message with an URL of a ring. I give you a detailled
call-flow that i want the phone support. I precised that Ubiquity is the
application Server. I have already a phone which support that, the SNOM
190. I looking now for a dect phone who support that. But If you know
another no dect phone which is able to support that, I'm interresting
also. Thankyou for your attention. If you want more informations, don't
hesitate to ask me. <<Paintbrush Picture>> 

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