[SIPForum-discussion] recommend me a call leg of 3 way conference

flatworm flatworm00 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 06:45:41 UTC 2007

There are SIP application server, SIP media server.

1) SIP UA "1" is talking to SIP UA "2"
2) SIP UA "1" invites SIP UA "3" to join the conversation

SIP UA "1" has no intention to creat a conference room at first.
During the conversation with SIP UA "2", SIP UA "1" wants to invite SIP UA
"3" for 3 way conferencing.

Any recommendation for this call leg is appreciated.
Basically I found out a call leg of peer to peer base 3 way conferencing
where REFER message is used.

But I couldn't imagine how a call leg should be drawn when SIP Application (
a controller ) Server and SIP media Server are involved.

The conferencing is invoked by SIP Application server which is activated by
HTTP request from SIP UA "1".

much thanks for any comment !!
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