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Please refer to RFC3261 for this information.


This is under section Processing 4xx Responses

"If a 401 (Unauthorized) or 407 (Proxy Authentication Required)

   response is received, the UAC SHOULD follow the authorization

   procedures of Section 22.2 and Section 22.3 to retry the request with



The SIP client display will indicate that Username indicating that it
has registered with the sip proxy. 


*	Points to check the User name and password acceptable by proxy. 
*	Encryption technique used by the SIP client.(Usually MD5)








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Subject: 403 Forbidden


Hi Rajesh,


Thanks for the reply,


My sequence of messages are: 

   1) Register

   2) 401 Authorized

   3) Register

   4) 100 trying

   5) 200 Ok

   6) Invite

   7) 407

   8) ACK

   9) Invite

  10) 100

  11) 403 forbidden


       How can i ensure that my sip client is registered with the sip
proxy server also?


       Is there any i am missing with sequence of packets sent and


     But when i try with other sip client i am able to make call










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