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Find below the clarifications required in the

*In Forking Call flows:*

 *1)* Could you please send out the list prioritizing the multiple
responses? (in stateful proxy).

 *2)* In the *(Call Stateful Proxy for all unsuccessful responses to
fork)*404 is chosen as the   best response instead of 486. In the RFC
3261 for 486
response it's stated as below* *

* **486:*

* * The callee's end system was contacted successfully, but the callee
is currently not willing or able to take additional calls at this end
system.  The response MAY indicate a better time to call in the
Retry-After header field.  The user could also be available elsewhere,
such as through a voice mail service.  Status     600 (Busy
Everywhere) SHOULD be used if the client knows that no other end
system will be able to accept this call.

Hence 486 response should be the best response compared to 404.

*3)* In the,attached document*(Call Stateful Proxy with 486 and 401
responses to fork) *both the 486 and 401 are forwarded by SO instead of
forwarding 401.Is there a mistake in the call flow?
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