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You have to specify which G.729 codec you want to use e.g G.729A, G.729B or
The media type ("audio") goes in SDP "m=" as the media name.

   1) The media subtype ("G7291") goes in SDP "a=rtpmap" as the encoding
      name.  The RTP clock rate in "a=rtpmap" MUST be 16000 for G.729.1.

   2) The parameters "ptime" and "maxptime" go in the SDP "a=ptime" and
      "a=maxptime" attributes, respectively.

You can refer RFC 4749 for reference.

Sollaud                     Standards Track                     [Page 8]

RFC 4749             RTP Payload Format for G.729.1         October 2006

   o  Any remaining parameters go in the SDP "a=fmtp" attribute by
      copying them directly from the media type string as a semicolon
      separated list of parameter=value pairs.

On 2/5/07, bharath kumar <bharath_kumar22 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  Hi all,
> Is there any way of using G.729 codec in Sip if so kindly provide with
> details
> reply will appreciated.
> Thanks & regards
> Bharathkumar.V
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