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Hi Resalath
Thanks for the information , That definitely helps me
But When do you think it might have multiple sip uri's ?


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Hi siva,
P-asserted header is used when you want to send some extra number/uri
other than calling, called. Assume the SIP Invite request is with
numbers, and the Call agent wants to outpulse charge number. It does
that in the P-asserted header. The ISUP mapping in the IAM would be the
parameter called "charge number". The privacy field in the P-asserted
would define the Address presentation (ISUP). 
Also this header is largely implementation dependent. 
Hope this gives you some idea about it.

On 2/2/07, Siva M-Q16748 <sivam at motorola.com> wrote: 

	Could anybody explain an use case where the P-Asserted URI can
be used 
	What is this header for and when does it can have multiple
values ?

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