[SIPForum-discussion] SIPstone configuration?

Huntley, Larry J larry.j.huntley at intel.com
Fri Feb 2 18:28:53 UTC 2007

Does anyone have a pointer to a schematic/block diagram of a usable 
SIPstone or SIPp hardware configuration?  I have some performance 
measurements to make and am new to the world of SIP.

I have read Section 4 of the SIPstone documentation and understand
it, but would like to see what others have found useful - and hear
any caveats or lore they may have to relate.

Thanks in advance, very much.

- Larry
Larry Huntley            Modular Communications Platform Engineering 
IPO Validation                                  Intel, Beaverton, OR
larry.j.huntley at intel.com                             (503) 677-4667

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