[SIPForum-discussion] Difference between Path and Service-route header fields

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   The difference between Path and Record-Route is that Path applies to
   REGISTER and 200 class responses to REGISTER.  Record-Route doesn't,
   and can't be defined in REGISTER for reasons of backward
   compatibility.  Furthermore, the vector established by Record-Route
   applies only to requests within the dialog that established that
   Record-Route, whereas the vector established by Path applies to future



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There are two optional fields of the SIP header "Path" and "Service-route".
>From their usage i could see that both are used for populating the route
header fields and are inserted by the proxys to force
the routing of future messages during registration through them.
Only difference i could notice is that the Service-rout is added only in 200
ok response!!!
I want to know if i am correct or ther are other difference as well?
Also Whether this forced routing is only for the messages flowing during
registration or for all the messages which follow even after registration?

thanks in advance!

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